ISDA – The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband

The relationships between two women and one man, between sex and food, are explored in this black comedy.

Kenneth’s life revolves around two things: food & sex. He left his wife of 19 years, Hilary, for Laura. Hilary was great in the kitchen but their sex life was non-existent. The sex with Laura is great but she cannot cook to save her life.

Kenneth tries to play both women and have the best of both worlds but learns all too late that there’s only so far that they will be pushed.

The show is an intensely black comedy dealing with the love triangle between these three despicably selfish individuals and each of their separate struggles to discover what it is they really want from their lives and each other.

Debbie Isitt, born 7 February 1966 in Birmingham, UK, is a comic writer, film director and performer. Her work includes the teleplay The Illustrated Mum, the play The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband and the feature films Nasty Neighbours and Confetti.

Patrick Culhane is a Junior Sophister Drama and Theatre Studies student from Limerick. This is his first time directing a show for DU Players, and the show remains close to his heart, not least because of the content.