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written by Frank Wedekind

translated by Edward Bond

directed by James Ronayne

produced by UCC Dramat

Spring Awakening deals with the suppression of the curious mind, fear of sexuality and alienation in a broadly conservative society. This universal tale is both tragic and enthralling, giving insight into the raw nature of adolescence.

A coming-of-age tragedy set in 19th-century Germany and centred around adolescence discovering their sexuality. In a suppressive society, this group must combat adversity around homosexuality, expression and parental pressures.



Frank Wedekind, was a German playwright and his work is considered to anticipate expressionism and was greatly influential in the development of epic theatre. His most notable work is ‘Spring Awakening’, a controversial and highly censored play written in 1891.

James Ronayne is a Law and Business student in UCC, making his directorial debut with ‘Spring Awakening’. His most notable roles include ‘Salt Mountain’ with the National Youth Theatre 2015, devising and acting in ‘User Not Found’ with Stefanie Preissner in the Axis Theatre, various theatre festivals such as Shared Connections, Belfast and Site Specific Fest held in Eggenberg, Austria as well as being an active member of UCC Dramat.