Samskaras / Boa Noite (Double Bill)


Sara Hernandez & Helga Deasy in association with Firkin Crane / Maleta Company

“Every action we carry out, every experience we undergo, insofar as it impacts upon the emotions leaves a trace in the mind. The stronger the emotion the deeper the mark that it leaves” – Babuji Maharaj

Samskaras investigates the Hindu concept of Impressions – or Samskaras – and the effect of impressions on the mind, the perception of sensation on the body, exploring feelings and images through a journey across India.  With musical arrangements by Dara O’Brien, design by David Crowley Design, the work was created in a Firkin Crane Residency.

Galway-based contemporary circus company Maleta’s latest creation, Boa Noite, explores friendship, control, power, success and failure, using juggling and object manipulation with aspects of dance and physical theatre to construct their own unique language. Exploring the symbiotic and parasitic nature of being human; two jugglers meet, be and share. Is there a crack in everything, is that how the light shines through?

24 June (6pm)
25 June (1pm & 6pm)

Regular Price €15

Concession €12


100 minutes