REVOLT – A major new play about (in)equality.

Bare Cheek Theatre Company is Association with Cork Midsummer Festival and UCC Granary Theatre present ‘Revolt’ a site specific play set in the Council Chambers of Cork City Hall 101 years after the Easter Rising. It’s the year 2117 and World War Three has destroyed life as we know it. Ireland is no longer Ireland but part of a larger country – Europa. The laws of the world have changed, but the main ethos is simple – everybody must be equal. People must make the same amount of money, eat the same amount of food and contribute an equal amount to society – those that don’t are punished severely. Inside the Chambers a group of young adults are asked to decide the fate of their fellow peers accused of fighting against the system, a system where every inch of their lives is being planned, controlled and monitored.

They must ask themselves a question – Can true equality ever exist?

Directed by Tony McCleane-Fay




Council Chambers, Cork City Hall

  • Regular Price €15
  • Concession €12

75 minutes