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My Mother Said I Never Should

presented by UCC Dramat



Charlotte Keatley’s 1987 play My Mother Said I Never Should intertwines the lives of four women – Doris, Margaret, Jackie and Rosie – and sets their stories against the enormous social changes of the twentieth century.

Keatley’s work explores the difficulty between mothers and daughters; how their decisions, relationships, and consequences affect both themselves and their family unit. With a blend of moments of humour and poignancy, this play revolves around the story of Jackie’s unexpected pregnancy and her decision to give the child up to her mother to be raised. The play’s action moves in a non-linear fashion between the 1940’s and the 1980’s, and through this method of storytelling, reveals the development of the role of women both on personal and social levels.


“In its revelation of mother-daughter emotions over the years, the play is without rivals. It is a classic.”   – THE IRISH TIMES

“This is a landmark play. The theatrical equivalent of breaking the four-minute mile; like Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls, pointing the way for the next generation of playwrights in form and content.”  – THE GUARDIAN