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Jack and the Feens Talk

presented by UCC Dramat


It’s that time of year again! UCC Dramat presents their annual charity pantomime Jack and the Feens Talk, a hilarious and wacky retelling of the classical tale of one boy and his magic beans. This year, all profits will be donated to Raise and Give charities.

Jack is just typical lad from Douglas, who loves the simply things in life – namely GAA and heading out to Havanas. On the other side of the city, Daisy, the perfect daughter of Cork City’s Mayor and Mayoress, wishes Jack and her were more than just best friends.

On one crazy night out with the lads, his girlfriend Jill, her gals and an Erasmus student nicknamed “The Beandealer“, Jack realises his true feelings for Daisy, prompting his to send a drunken, confessional text message. Regretting his actions the next morning, Jack decides he must retrieve his text before Daisy can read it. Incidentally, a mysterious beanstalk has grown overnight, leading up into the sky where The Cloud exists – a place where everything from your phone is stored. Up above, Jack encounters The Giant. What happens next, you ask? Well, it is a pantomime after all!


Tickets: €10 / €8 concession.