Granary Theatre

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presented by UCC Dramat

Continuing its yearly tradition, UCC Dramat presents four original short plays featuring first-time writers, directors, producers and actors. A highly enjoyable night’s entertainment, this year’s showcase ranges from comedy to horror to everything in between!

  • “The Lock-In” written & directed by Enda Gormey.

What runs through a person’s mind before they make the biggest decision of their lives? Comfort or adventure? Sacrifice or selfishness? As Marge cleans up after a night’s work, her friends provide her with an ultimatum.

  • “Community Hall’, written & directed by Kim Molloy.

Halloween – the night that anything can happen. Five teenagers go to the town’s local Halloween party in the community hall, built by a mysterious face. They go for fun and laughter, but get blood and despair when their past comes back to haunt them.

  • “Now That’s What I Call Love” written & directed by Darragh Leen.

John and Lisa, a married couple of 18 months, are already starting to have niggling doubts about the stability and meaning in their relationship. John spends most of his days away from Lisa selling second-hand cars while Lisa guards the fort. Questions and tensions bubble until it all comes crashing down. 

  • “Prick in the Wall” written & directed by Zoe Conlon.

An ironic, dry humoured comedy that follows the school day of five students – involving a mysterious mural, an alcoholic teacher, an unwanted apple and an epic court battle. Who painted the graffiti in the school? Who is the prick in the wall? What’s got Mr Franklin looking so glum? Will Sam and Frankie ever reunite? So many questions (and very little context).


€10 / €8 concession