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Cork Malaysian Night 2018

On Saturday 20th January, the Malaysian Student Society will be hosting their first Cork Malaysian Night in the Granary Theatre, with support from the UCC International Office. This celebration of diversity strives to bridge the cultural gap that we share amongst us, through a night of theatre, music, dance and delicious authentic Malaysian food. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to experience and understand Malaysia.


The Performance

As Chen, Maya and Syed prepare to advance to tertiary educations, the trio face internal and external conflicts – all moulded based on their different backgrounds. Chen struggles to maintain a good relationship with his demanding mother. On the other hand, Maya cares for her ill mum while juggling her studies and her part-time job. Syed has a strained relationship with his father who refuses to take an interest in his life. These three friends attempt to overcome their individual conflicts but soon realise that they are far stronger together. Written by David Egong, directed by Jasmine Aziz and Aimi Aniyah, Cork Malaysian Night 2018 is a one-night only event that shouldn’t be missed.


  • Date: Saturday 20th January
  • Time: 6pm – 9pm
  • Tickets: €10