Granary Theatre

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by Ferocious Composure


Mike is 27 and single. He’s the only single person left in his circle of friends, and he’s starting to think he should be worried…

Cork-based theatre company Ferocious Composure return to Granary with CLOWNS ON FIRE, a theatrical event which delves into the topic of dating and relationships in the modern, digital age. In a time where mobile devices have made convenience and quality king, how has the relatively dated concept of courtship adapted, or failed to adapt, to modern life?

The comedy is devised from a combination of personal stories from the performers, and content collected from a wide section of society through video interviews. CLOWNS ON FIRE is a cabaret style production, where the audience are an integral part of the plot! Sit back and cringe as the cast painfully re-visit their own experiences with Tinder, night clubs and failed relationships.


Part of the THEATRE FEAST Season. Click here for full programme: Theatre Feast Programme