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Beauty and the Beast from the East

Presented by UCC Dramat

Its that time of year again, folk. (Oh no, it isn’t! But YES, it is!)

On Wednesday 28th November, UCC Dramat open their annual Christmas charity pantomime in aid of Raise & Give.

All Belle wants to do is go to the local Ball. However, under her father’s rules, she has to finish her essay first. With nowhere quiet to study, and following a weird run-in with the librarian in UCC Boole Library, Belle is forced out to no man’s land: CIT. With the impending doom of an unexpected snowstorm, Belle’s in danger of not being able to make it to the Ball at all!

With her family, friends and a collection of colourful characetrs she meets along the way all trying to help her, it’s sure to be an interesting adventure.


Running from Wednesday 28th November to Saturday 1st December, at 8pm.

Tickets cost €10 FULL or €8 CONCESSION.