Granary in collaboration with Loose Canon Theatre Company present, in the Camden Palace Hotel:

ACTION and INTENTION 6 “What I am doing? vs What the character is doing?”

WORKSHOP with LOOSE CANON THEATRE COMPANY in Cork from 5th – 9th November

The actor playing Hamlet is not obliged to kill the actor playing Claudius to make the performance credible.

What do they do instead? Play an intention?

But isn’t there is a distinction between the character’s intention, and the actor’s intention? The fight between Hamlet and Laertes, for example, the intention of both actors is probably to do no harm, the opposite of the characters they’re playing. So, how far can this be taken? Could it be that that there is no obligation to do the same thing or feel the same way as your character? That it is, in fact, impossible?

Understanding and mastering this paradoxical way of thinking, learning how to play it without breaking the spectator’s sense of belief in the performance, leads to liberation for the actor.

This provocative and exciting area of paradox defines the theme of our forthcoming workshop in Cork. Over 5 days, under the guidance of Artistic Director Jason Byrne, participants will interrogate this paradox applying it directly to specific scenes and scenarios from canonical and contemporary texts.