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Is E A Duirt Polonius

DATE / TIME: 21 and 22 March at 8pm, 24 March at 2pm

A young idealist tries to change the system he is trapped in. When he must support his wife and children the question is raised, can you put...
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DATE / TIME: 3 - 8 April at 8pm

This show takes the classic tale of Cinderella and places it in modern day London, complete with politics, sex-scandals....
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Up the Hill, Jackie

DATE / TIME: 10, 11 & 12 April at 8pm

A play about two Irish sisters visiting London for youngest sister Jackie's abortion. When the girls go clubbing for the night instead of st...
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Mary and Me

DATE / TIME: Wednesday 19 April at 8pm

A 15 year old girl dies giving birth at a grotto. But before then there's pending maths exams, an important art project to finish and what t...