Tech Spec

Granary Theatre Technical Specification

Download the Granary Plans to your computer. Included are CAD drawings of the space as well as a grid layout in LXFree.

Granary Layout Plans





Strand LD 90, 48 channels, hard wired, 10 Amps per channel, 15Amp Sockets

1 x 63AMP, 3 Phase supply available.



ETC Element 60 (60 fader, 120 channel version)



10 x Selecon Rama PC 1200W

10 x Cantata PC 1200W

2 x  Selecon Fresnel 1200W

8 x Selecon Acclaim Fresnel 650W

8 x Prelude Fresnel 650W

6 x Source 4, 36 degree profiles

4 x Source 4, 25/50

4 x Source 4 Junior zoom,25/50

4 x Selecon Acclaim Profile 24/40

18 x Parcan, CP62

9 Par 16 Birdies

4 x Iris Flood

2 x HUI Cyc Flood

1 x Showtec Titan Strobe 3000


More than adequate supply of 15 Amp Cable





Mackie CFX12 MK11, 12 Channel mixer

2 x  T AMP TA1050 Amplifiers

4 x EV SX200 Speakers

1 x Denon DN-C635 CD Player

2 x Sony MDS-JE530 Minidisc Player



Desk: Allan & Heath GL2400, 24 Channel

24 Channel multicore, 8 returns

Speakers:   2 x DB F15 Active 300W + 100W

2 x DB F12 Active 300W + 100W

2 x DB Sub 15D Active

1 x Samson Dual31 Graphic EQ

2 x DBX 166xl Compressor\Limiter\Gate

2 x Lexicon Duel Effects Processor


7 x Sure SM 58

2 x Sure Beta 57A

2 x Sure SM 57

2 x AKG C1000S

3 x AKG D40

1 x AKG D112

2 x AKG C430

5 x Samson S, DI Box




2 x 10m (w) by 5.6m (d) Plain black

2 x 5m (w) by 4.7m (d) Pleated black

1 x 9m (w) by  5.6 (d) White Cyc. Cloth

1 x 9m (w) by 2m (d) Black border

2 x 2.5m (w) by 7m (d) Black leg

2 x 2.5m (w) by 5.6m (d) Black Leg

2 x 2.5m (w) by 4.7m (d) Black Leg




1 x Panasonic PT-EW730Z Projector

1 x Martin Magnum 2500 Hazer


 See Inside the Theatre, Foyer & Studio!

Specification is correct as of 28/04/2016