ISDA – Never Trust A Smile

NUIG Dramsoc are delighted to present their version of Never Trust a Smile.

Never Trust A Smile is a dance and physical theatre piece that focuses on using the body to express emotions and tell a story. It centers on a young woman suffering from depression.

Never Trust a Smile is about a young woman, Tristabelle, who suffers from depression. It deals with her struggle to overcome her depression with the help of her best friend Joshua.

At the start of the play Tristabelle is going out with Damien. After she breaks up with him, Damien turns obsessive and aggressive towards her. Tristabelle attempts suicide and starts going to a counselor.

She slowly begins to deal with her depression with the help of her family and Joshua. A violent event leads to Tristabelle choosing between Joshua and Damien and leaves us wondering if despite all her progress if she will spiral back into a deep depression.

Claudia O Sullivan has recently completed and MA in Drama and Theatre Studies at NUIG and is on her year of grace with the college. She also did a 3-year undergraduate course in NUIG.