ISDA – Like a Virgin

UCC Dramat are proud to return to the stage with Like a Virgin.

Two teenage girls besotted with Madonna deal with the trials and tribulations of teenage life while trying to become superstars.

Meanwhile Angela tries to cope at home with her unstable home life and an unexpected turn for the worst.

An hilarious take on the trials and tribulations of teenage life in the early nineties. Maxine and Angela both obsessed with Madonna show 2 different sides to being a teenager while struggling to cope with shocking news.

Gordon Steel ran a Youth Theatre Company in Stockton-upon-Tees for ten years winning much critical acclaim, including a Fringe First for his play Dead Fish. Like a Virgin received great critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival in 1995 and 1996. Gordon Steel is currently a lecturer in Performing Arts.

Katie Melia is a second year Music and English student. She has acted in several Dramat productions; however this is her debut as a director.