When We Get There

When We Get There is a new play about happiness – elusive, intangible and always just out of reach. For the inhabitants of one small town, dreams are everything. Life is reduced to a series of checklists, a frantic scramble for acceptance, respect and success. When We Get There asks if our goals really are everything or if there is a way to live outside the rat race.

If everything is planned, then nothing can go wrong. In a close-knit town somewhere on the edge of our world, the townspeople live according to rules, codes and routines agreed upon by everyone. Their existence is safe and highly organized. One day, a stranger arrives who throws the town’s routine into disarray. The rules change and the townspeople must change too. As happiness begins to slip from their grasp, they scramble towards their dreams, goals and ambitions in search of the happiness they know is just up ahead, there for the taking, when they get there.

Jack Holland and Margaret Perry are graduates of UCC Drama and Theatre Studies. Rob Maloney is a graduate of the UCC School of Music. When We Get There was co-created, written and devised by Jack, Rob and Margaret.

When We Get There is kindly funded and supported by the Granary Theatre and the UCC Performance Exchange grant awarded by the UCC School of Music and Theatre. The Performance Exchange grant is a new grant for students and graduates of the school that fosters and facilitates collaborative projects between music and theatre students. With the aid of this grant, Jack, Rob and Margaret founded Scramble Ensemble theatre company.


See the Vimeo Trailer: here