We Used To Kiss All Night


Following on from their acclaimed production of Cian Clancy’s ‘Adrenaline’, Journeyman Theatre Company continues its residency in the Granary with this new poignant play about love.


The play centres around the struggle to change the way two people communicate. When you only know the familiar, is it ever worth it to change what you know for someone else’s happiness? Why so selfless?

Girl and Boy couldn’t let go from the first time they met.

This made them, and this broke them.

A relationship born in the comforts of hometown and familiarity gets tested by the divergent lives of Girl and Boy. They both remember how it happened, how it felt and how all they did, was kiss all night.


written by Niall Morrissey

directed by Eamonn Doyle



Leah Mc Namara

Niall Morrissey


Leah Mc Namara – Drama and Theatre Studies, Cork. 2nd show with Journeyman after Adrenaline by Cian Clancy. Notable performing credits include; Hedda Gabbler, Look Back in Anger and Hamletmachine.

Niall Morrissey – Masters Graduate of U.C.C, actor and writer of We Used To Kiss All Night. Niall is a founding member of Journeyman Theatre Company and this show sees his first composition reach the stage. Niall is also credited with performances in; Adrenaline, The Weir, Such a Local Row and Julius Caesar.

Eamonn Doyle – Masters Graduate of the Drama and Theatre Studies program at U.C.C., Eamonn is a founding member of Journeyman Theatre Company and We Used to Kiss All Night presents his directorial return to Journeyman after a critically acclaimed run of Julius Caesar in the Granary some years ago.