Try Introduction to Drama FREE

Thursday 2 January 7pm – 8:30pm at Granary

Book Here or ring 1890 258 358


This course is a practical, enjoyable and confidence building introduction to the craft of acting and improvisation, held one evening a week for ten weeks. This is our most popular course and is led by experienced professionals who will establish a strong and supportive group dynamic from which key aspects of the craft of acting are explored. This course is useful for those who wish to expand their general communication skills. No previous acting experience is required – only a willingness to participate.

Participants of Introduction to Drama can expect to:

  • explore your own creativity in a safe yet exciting environment.
  • gain friendships that can last a lifetime
  • experience a buzz and energy that you will carry into the rest of your week.
  • YOU WILL HAVE FUN whilst learning along the way
  • Follow on courses available: Page to Stage and Acting for Camera.

Days:  Monday (Cork)
Cost: €200 (Cork)
Age: 18+
Location: Granary Theatre, Cork  Times: 7-9pm

Term 2: 6th January – 10th March 2014



Try Make A Movie Free

Friday 3 January 7pm

Book here or ring 1890 258 358



With this hands on, practical course, students will learn how to create a short independent film from scratch. Whether you’re interested in screenplay writing, acting, film directing, cinematography or production design, this programme is just for you! Led by experienced industry professionals, the group will be guided through the process of brainstorming the initial concept of your movie right through to filming the final scene. Participants will receive a DVD of the movie upon completion of the course.


Please note that this course will take place over 7 weeks with an additional full day (6 hours) shoot, possibly on location, on the following weekend. Final date to be coordinated with tutor.


Participants of the Make A Movie course can expect to learn:

• How to develop an idea for your movie

• How to storyboard and write for the screen

• The importance of narrative, characters, mood, climax and resolution

• How to develop an aesthetic for your film

• The importance of cinematography and production design

• Acting techniques specific to screen


Days: Friday or Saturday

Cost: €200

Age: 18+ years

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Location: The Granary Theatre, Mardyke, Cork