Trojan Women: A Love Story

presented by

Department of Drama & Theatre Studies 2nd Year Students

Written by Charles L. Mee

Directed by Tom Creed.


A re-telling of Euripides’ The Trojan Women that presents the lives of the women left in the aftermath of the Trojan war, only this time we are not in Ancient Greece when we watch this play, but very much in the present. By setting Euripides’ legendary tragedy in a modern country ravaged by war, Charles L. Mee recreates a world of suffering, cruelty and brutality that is far closer to our everyday lives than would like to imagine. In Tom Creed’s production, the impersonal news reports are presented in a way which make us truly connect with the horror and despair that accompanies terrible conflict. However, all will not be doom and gloom. We will be treated to the musical styling of Billie Holiday, The Cowboy Junkies and Bow Wow Wow to name a few, complete with dance routines. A play of two halves with a thought-provoking message and a surprise after the interval.

Charles L.Mee is an American playwright, historian and author. He typically reconstructs texts into modern adaptations, often controversial but always captivating.

Tom Creed is originally from Cork and studied English and Philosophy at UCC where he was an active member and former auditor of Dramat. His acclaimed productions include Watt by Samuel Beckett for the Gate Theatre in Dublin, Galway, Edinburgh, London, Perth, New York and on a US Tour, TRADE by Mark O’Halloran at Dublin Theatre Festival 2011, and Shibari by Gary Duggan at the Abbey Theatre. He was nominated for Best Director at the Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards 2007 for Attempts on her Life and more recently was Festival Director of Cork Midsummer Festival from 2011 to 2013.