The Storehouse

No Kissin’ Ensemble present a new promenade production


The Storehouse holds all memories, remembered and forgotten. We want to invite you to see a special collection of these memories. The memories on display are those of a woman trying to find answers; a dear friend, lost for years, has plagued her and finally she has the chance to put the pieces of the story back together. Set in the heart of Cork City, the piece uses the theatre space as an innovative mind map, as she travels through her troubled, bringing the audience with her as she goes.

Each time we remember a moment we only hold on to 60 percent. It continues like this until the moment is forgotten. Is it better to simply let go? How easy is it to change our memories? We fill in what we forget with what we want to remember. Sometimes we fill our memories with what others tell us. Our characters will have the chance to see what really happened and so will you.

The Storehouse uses the Granary as an innovative mind map, bringing its audience further into the Granary as they delve further into its characters’ memories.

No Kissin’ Ensemble was founded by Hanan Sheedy, Daithí O’Donnell and Aidan Moriarty, graduates of the Drama and Theatre Studies course in UCC.


Preview Monday 18 May at 2pm.

Tuesday 19th – Thursday 21st May: 6pm, 8.30pm

Friday 22nd – Saturday 23rd May: 2pm, 6pm, 8.30pm



NB: All Saturday Shows SOLD OUT