The Seafarer

UCC Dramat present the second of their full length features of the term with Conor McPherson’s The Seafarer. Barry Whelan, who directed McPherson’s The Weir, will direct the piece. Whelan has just completed his BA in the Drama and Theatre department here in UCC and is currently studying a Masters in Fim, also here in UCC.

The play concerns itself with familial relationships and the drinking culture of brothers of a certain age. The tension builds as one brother returns to look after his invalid brother and brings with him a drinking buddy and a strange man.

There is an obvious influence from the Old English poem by the same name, with the central characters lamenting the times passed and changing to a path of religious contemplation. McPherson uses the poem here as a method through which to convey the fear one faces before death and the tragedy that waits for those who have walked a troubled path in life.

His use of coloqual Dublin accents is typical of his writing style and the harsh gutteral language of the characters is reflected in their outlook on life and the brutality with which they deal with social interaction.