The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui

by Bertolt Brecht

adapted by Jennifer Wise

directed by Jon Whitty

presented by CSN Silver Linings Productions


Set in 1930s Chicago, Arturo Ui and his henchmen capitalise on the opportunities presented by the Great Depression to prey on the vulnerable businessmen and poor vegetable dealers of the city in order to climb to the top. Playing both hands Ui negotiates with some, lies to others and intimidates the rest. Brecht’s satirical and dark parable on the rise of Hitler is one of the most gripping plays of all time. It exposes how one man can win over the hearts of the many by targetting the few. The themes are as relevant today as when it was first written, as they reflect the populist ideals which are evident in current global politics.

Fusing the styles of 1930s Hollywood Gangster films with the form of a bloody Shakespearean history play, The Resistible Rise of Arturo UI is one of Brecht’s most theatrical, chillingly comical and timeless works.


€12 / 10