The Real Inspector Hound & Cahoot’s Macbeth

Presented by the Cork Gaiety School of Acting Performance Theatre Company, a double-bill of absurdist theatre!!

The Real Inspector Hound

In Stoppard’s hilarious 1968 play-within-a-play, The Real Inspector Hound he unveils his brilliant sense of the absurd in this Agatha Christie-style murder-mystery parody set at an isolated country manor. Theatre critics Moon and Birdboot are swept into the whodunit they are viewing and must navigate the satirical trappings set by mysterious strangers, a bitter love triangle and, of course, a madman on the loose!


Cahoot’s Macbeth

In Cahoot’s Macbeth, a troupe of persecuted actors are trying to perform a production of the Scottish play in a living room in communist Czechoslovakia in 1978 but the head of the secret police bursts in to stop their “subversive actions”. All seems lost until Easy, a deliveryman, shows up speaking Dogg, a made-up language, that the actors all pick up on but completely confounds the police.