The Plough and the Stars

Sean O’Casey’s icon play The Plough and the Stars is set amid the tumult of the Easter Rising and tells story of ordinary lives ripped apart by the idealism of the time.


The residents of a Dublin tenement shelter from the violence that sweeps through the city’s streets. A revolution that will shape the country’s future rages around them. What kind of Ireland awaits them?


The Plough and the Stars was first performed at the Abbey Theatre in 1926. The audience rioted. Now regarded as a masterpiece, this provocative play is an essential part of our understanding of 1916.

written by Sean O’Casey

directed by Stephen Lyons


Jack Clitheroe – Ciaran Fagan

Nora Clitheroe – Maebh Butler

Peter Flynn – Arann Blake

The Young Covey – Emmet Crotty

Bessie Burgess – Maeve O’Gorman

Mrs Gogan – Peggy Gilbert

Mollser Gogan – Maeve Lewis

Fluther Good – Michael Ryan

Lieutenant Langon – Ben Nunan

Captain Brennan – Colin Healy

Corporal Stoddard – Brendan Boyle

Sergeant Tinley – Robert Carey Elwood

Rosie Redmond – Niamh O’Meara

Barman – Josh MacCarthy