The Overcoat

In this fast-paced adaptation of Nikolai Gogol’s renowned short story, we follow a poor clerk’s doomed quest for a new overcoat. Featuring live music by John Browne and a darkly comic script.

written by Nikolai Gogol, adapted by Johnny Hanrahan, directed by Isabelle Hanrahan.

“…pardon please, if you will our laughter. Your fate, though sad, cannot provoke our tears.”

Akaky Akakievich Bashmackin is an unfortunately named clerk, working as a copyist in St Petersburg’s noble civil service. Though his disinterest in anything other than his work is ridiculed by his colleagues, he is content with his lot. But as the Russian winter sets in, he realizes that his patched-up coat cannot see him through. He saves pennies from his miserable wages by denying himself food and heat, and after months of self-denial, he achieves the object of his dreams: a magnificent brand new overcoat. Unfortunately, he only has a matter of days to enjoy it, as thieves admire it as much as he does. When he seeks the help of the authorities, he is dismissed and ridiculed, and is thus driven into an early grave. The hilarious coda to the story involves Akaky returning as a kleptomaniac ghost, robbing every decent overcoat in St Petersburg from its bewildered citizens.

Isabelle Hanrahan is a first-time director. She is in final year French and English in UCC. She has previously production managed several plays with Dramat, including The Lonesome West, Goose Chase and Marcus.

Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol was a Ukrainian-born Russian writer. He contributed to Russian literature through his magnificently crafted dramas, novels and short stories. He was one of the major proponents of the natural school of Russian literary realism. His other notable works include Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka, The Government Inspector and “The Portrait”



Peter O’Connell Stack

Art Kelleher

Johnny Lindgren

Ben Nunan

Anthony Jackson


Tickets: €9 / 7