The Lament For Art O’Leary

by Sophie Motely & Irene Buckley

Eibhlín Dubh Ní Chonnail’s husband was killed by a single shot in 1776, in an open field outside of Macroom, Co Cork. His blood covered horse arrived at Eibhlín’s house, and she climbed on it and rode for 10 miles to find his body. She knelt down beside the body, drank his blood and started to sing.

A Work-In-Progress showing of material from a new Cork Opera by Irene Buckley, directed by Sophie Motley featuring soprano Emma Nash.

This is a presentation of material in development, from a new opera by Cork composer Irene Buckley, directed by Sophie Motley and featuring soprano Emma Nash.

The 20 minute showing will be followed by a short feedback session, so the audience are essential to the experience.