The Gigli Concert

written by Tom Murphy

directed by Martin Curran

The Gigli Concert is the story of quack head doctor JPW, on the brink of self-destruction and caught between a lost love, a demanding mistress and an over-reliance on vodka. JPW eventually comes to a stalemate when he meets a seemingly delusional Irish Man in turmoil with the strange desire to sing like the great Italian tenor Benamino Gigli. Over six sessions, both patient and doctor begin a journey of self-discovery and shocking realization. The Gigli Concertfinds both the tragedy and comedy of human existence and critiques the idea of what it means to be alive.


Tom Murphy is an Irish dramatist who has worked closely with the Abbey Theatre in Dublin and with Druid Theatre, Galway. Born in Tuam, County Galway, Ireland, he currently lives in Dublin.  He  is a member of Aosdána and a patron of Irish Theatre Institute.


Martin Curran is a UCC Student currently studying an MA in Modernities, British and American Film and Literature after having previously completed his undergraduate BA in English and History. It has been a dream for Martin to direct The Gigli Concert and to meet so many incredible people in the process.



Aaron O’Neill (JPW): Aaron is an intolerable fraud who has made a largely unpaid career out of his inherent desire to deceive strangers. His previous cons include roles in the Dramat productions of Peter Pan and All My Sons. His current projects include the writing of this biography.


Sarah Jane O’Shea (Mona): The incomparable Sarah has appeared in many a Dramat production. Her acting talents were showcased previously in Myrtlehill Terrace and a number of shortplays and her backstage roles include co-directing a production of The Vagina Monologues as well as assistant director of The Importance of Being Earnest. She is also a member of a Limerick youth theatre where she also facilitates.


Alan Chawke

Alan is a young man from west Limerick, from his first emotionally scaring role in a primary School Panto as an Ugly Step Sister he now finds himself planted in a Tom Murphy classic. Alan’s work in theatre spans from work with Blood in the Alley Theatre Company to the New Directors Festival 2015, where he stage managed one of the plays to UCC Dramat to his original stomping ground of the Granagh Players. From stage and production management, lighting design and acting; theatre is one of Alan’s many passions. He would like to thank Aaron, Sarah-Jane, Marty, Stephen, Eoghan and Adrian for helping him and being so welcoming since coming to the rehearsals having been cast in the last 2 weeks. A truly lovely cast and crew worked on this performance so Alan hopes you all enjoy the show.