The Disappearing Dogs

Caroline’s quest to find her dog Porkchop leads her down a blood soaked trail of murder and betrayal. In order to protect a neighborhood that despises her, she will have to risk everything.

Your everyday small town with your everyday small town problems. All the inhabitants are busy gossiping and worrying about the local election and looking for a few missing dogs.

But, like every small town this one has a seedy underbelly.  However, we’re not talking simple bribery, adultery or stealing from the church collection basket.  This is something altogether more peculiar.

When all the dogs in the neighborhood disappear, it is up to self-appointed, pillar of the community Caroline, one of the most normal inhabitants of this small town, to delve into this seedy underbelly to find some shocking, unbelievable and terrifying truths about the town she loves.

The cast of the disappearing dogs are a diverse crew, coming from all over the world.  Cast members from far flung places like Massachusetts work in harmony with cast members from places like Tipp town to make theatre like you’ve never seen before.  The cast of the disappearing dogs will blow you away with outstanding individual performances as well impressive ensemble work.  These incredibly talented young people will restore your faith in the future of Irish theatre.

Rory Mc Conville is currently a student of English and History in UCC, he is a terrifying perfectionist with an incredible knack for captivating his audience with his hilarious, charming and, more often than not, absurd writings.  This is Rory’s first full length play (that he’s told anyone about at least!), though he has written and directed for stage before, with his Drammie award winning short Bats, Hair, Dishwasher.  Rory has also written award winning short stories and his comics were published in The O’Brien Press and DC Comics.

Rory is both writing and directing the show.