The Crucible

Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible is set during the Salem Witch trails. Based on semi real events it tells the tale of a small Puritan town in turmoil and the how the actions of a group of young girls changed the lives of many forever. It is centred around Abigail Williams and her group of young girls who accuse many of innocent people to be witches. It also follows the story of her sordid affair with John Proctor, a farmer and its repercussions not just for her, but many people in this small town. It is a story of life and death and most importantly, witchcraft.

written by Arthur Miller

directed by Ri Fox


Darragh Mulcahy – John Proctor

Rosa Mäkelä – Abigail Williams

Alice Moloney – Elizabeth Proctor

Aaron O’Neill – Judge Danforth

Colm Sheppard – Reverend Paris

James Ronayne – Reverend Hale

Issey Fenton – Mary Warren

Female Ensemble – Emma Creaner, Sophie Moon, Sarah Clerkin, Megan O’Connor, Mary Condon O’Connor, Aideen Fox, Georgia Swan Sludds,

Male Ensemble – Jack O’Brien, Stefan Healy, Mark Breen, Eoghan Keegan.