Sometimes, life can be hard.
Sometimes, surviving in a sea of societal sameness and banal blandness can make your surroundings seem grey-scale. Why not cast away your troubles and bring colour into your life with beauty, good friends and better booze as it is not the best living but the most living that counts.
But above all, make it a good story.
A good love story, if you can manage that. Let any silly consequences work themselves out as everything is alright in the end, and if it’s not alright then it’s not the end!

Set in the party world of Wilhelm, we are propelled through our host’s fantastical lifestyle as he faces challenges from alcohol laws, a gamble-hungry landlord and memories from a past as mysterious as a mixed drink. After a chance encounter with the most wonderful woman he has ever met, it seems that our knight in shining Armani might just have the wits to sustain the colourful routine of his explosive life. But is all as it seems?

Fast, funny and poignant, Symbollocks features a live original soundtrack and a cast of characters that draw you into their world and make you feel at home. Written and directed by Martha Hegarty and performed by a diversely talented ensemble, Symbollocks is a play to be experienced as you step out of the mundane and into the marvellous and magical world of Wilhelm!