Stop Kiss

November 6th to 10th UCC Dramat present Diana Son’s moving tale Stop Kiss.

Set against the backdrop of New York city the play tells the story of Callie and Sara.  The play follows the women’s relationship, both with the city they live in and with each other, as they unexpectedly fall in love, only to be brutally assaulted during their first kiss.  Stop Kiss explores how the women fall in love and also looks at how they begin to cope with the aftermath of this trauma.

Diana Son’s play is filled with touching and moving scenes about the difficulties of coping with trauma, as well as capturing the beauty and excitement of first falling love. This is the Cork debut of Stop Kiss. The play highlights issues facing the LGBTQ community and raises awareness of the real human impact homophobic hate-crimes can have. The play is important in its representation of women’s stories in the theatre. This production is jam-packed with some of dramat’s finest talents, across all areas of production.  From acting to production co-ordination to design, UCC dramat’s Stop Kiss has some of the next great Cork theatre makers on its team.

Diana Son is a contemporary Asian-American playwright whose plays include: Stop Kiss, Satellites, BOY, and R.A.W (‘Cause I’m a Woman). She has been the recipient of several prestigious playwriting fellowships and has lectured in playwriting in NYU and Yale University.  Son has also written for screen.  Her television works include: Blue Bloods, Southland and The West Wing. She now lives in New York with her husband and three sons.

Carine Natin is a 3rd Year Drama and Theatre Studies student in UCC.  This is her directorial debut.  She is very interested in using theatre as an educational tool and mode for public discussion of social issues.