Star, Clocks & Lost Things

Stars, Clocks and Lost Things is an original play by Conor Clancy which revolves around revolving things; clocks, blame, power, revenge, and time – when you can bend it.

Four characters all become intertwined and inextricable when they encounter a certain tool that could help them get what they desire. An old man wants to find his daughter. A young man wants to find the man who saved his life. A young woman wants to lead a fulfilling life. A TinMan tries to understand his emotions. None of which are easy tasks, given the circumstances. By going back and forth in time and falling in and out of reality, the four of them desperately try to cling to the clock that will help them get to where they want. But they can’t all have it.

Running from the 4th-7th of February in the Granary, tickets are €7/€9!