presented by
Granary Performance Initiative

Narrated by a clown with a fake dynamite bomb strapped to her chest, the piece begins with a naïve text describing just what a good piece of theatre should be. From this amateurish advice about simple scenery, good casting and dress rehearsals, Showtime soon decays into a chaos of raindrops, a dog that talks about suicide and a series of insistent questions asked of a dying thug as he lies bleeding outside a Wendy house.

Showtime is a comical piece in which the concerns of adult life, especially death, are played out in a visual language drawn from children’s picture books and pantomimes. Its concern is also with theatre itself — with the nature of our demands as spectators, with the construction of illusion as well as with the desire for order, sense and coherence in our lives.

Leanne Foxwell
Casey Hynes
Fiona Kelly
Leah Marshall
Peter O’Connell Stack
Aaron O’Neil
Rebecca Munnelly
Jane Soldatkina

directed & designed by:
Tony McCleane-Fay



Based on Tim Etchell’s Forced Entertainment 1996 production.