Is the world in meltdown? Civil disturbances continue to occur from Bahrain to Britain. Fíbín, in association with The Abbey Theatre and the ESB, explores the breakdown of society through the dramatic use of multi-media and masks. Sétanta opens at the National Theatre on the 6th of December for a limited run.

One of Ireland’s most prolific playwrights Paul Mercier says, “It was always an ambition of mine to do a production of a mythical tale through the Irish language and with Fíbín I have been given that opportunity”.

Award-winning producer Darach Ó Tuairisg underlines the importance of this ground-breaking production, “this collaboration will not only be great for Fíbín but for all companies producing through the medium of Irish”.

The Irish Theatre Magazine calls Fíbín “the future of Irish language theatre”.

Sétanta reveals an avant-garde depiction of an age-old saga in Irish Mythology; a stylised tale of greed, power, envy and love.  Fíbín breathes new life into this ancient myth, in a highly visual and fast-paced interpretation of the legend that is Sétanta and his ill-fated friend, Ferdia.

We are unbeatable. We have hope in our hearts because we are ready to make the final assault. It’s better to live a short as a hero than a long life as a slave.”  –Sétanta

Sétanta tells the story of how these two young warriors become sworn enemies under the reign of the all-powerful Medb, a theatrical mirror for the political fall-outs in contemporary times.  Fíbín uses imaginative techniques to captivate its audience including multimedia involving explosive visuals, music specially composed Mel Mercier and almost 50 hand-made highly expressive masks to draw them closer to the action.

Sétanta is back on tour in 2013 and it promises to surprise and thrill even theatre-goers with no Irish!

9th & 10th May 2013 at 8 o’clock: The Granary, Cork, Tel: 021 490 4275 / www.granary.ie

Running Time: 1hr 15mins, with no interval