Politically Incorrect

The Gaiety School Of Acting

Senior Youth Theatre



Fourteen well-dressed people.  Fourteen chairs.  One table.  Hundreds of sins.

This is a play in the post dramatic form by 14 actors, who brought you ‘Frank Pig Says Hello’ last year.  The piece experiments with theatre forms, sometimes surprising, sometimes shocking – always entertaining.

‘We taught the children how to remove the spirits from their thin, starved bodies.’

‘We believed Ryan when he said he could drive the bus.’

‘We went to film premieres and brayed like donkeys at the poignant bits.’

‘We gathered a bunch of people into a room on the pretense of entertaining them through the medium of theatre. When they tried to leave, we locked the doors, donned gas masks and released a biohazzard into the sealed room.’

‘We built this city on rock and roll.’