Pierce returns to Perform at the Granary in Cork  June 28th

“Why use 2 words when 10 will do perfectly well”

When the award winning Wexford musician Pierce Turner employed a crowd- funding site called Pledge to raise the budget for his last album “Songs for a VeRRy small Orchestra” he was surprised to find some very successful literary figures among his donors.  The highly successful Scottish crime novelist Val McDermid- With numerous top ten books including “Fever in the Bone” had been a fan as far back as the single “Wicklow Hills” Joseph O Connor picked his song about Wexford gossip “Musha God Help Her” as one of his Desert Island Discs.  Eoin Colfer whose books Artimus Fowl sold twenty four million copies invited Pierce to perform with him at the Electric Picnic Litt Tent last summer and Colm McCann-winner of the prestigious National Book Award in the U.S. – volunteered to write with the Wexford man the great Wexford playwright-Novelist Billy Roche has always been hugely supportive.

For years now Pierce Turner has been incorporating very entertaining stories into his live musical performance.  Not that novelists are attracted purely because of this, but it is unlikely that so many exceptional wordsmiths would be drawn toward his work if the words were not exceptional, be they in story or song.

So that, coupled with the complexities of his critically acclaimed song writing has lead to the natural evolvement of this up and coming performance at the National Concert Hall in the John Field Room – and the eventual culmination of a book called “Why use 2 words when 10 will do perfectly well” A Book of stories that take the reader all the way from Pierce’s nine year old clarinet playing in Catholic processions in Wexford through beat groups and Showbands to New York with Larry Kirwan and the foreboding highways of the U.S – To being mentored by Philip Glass and Pete Seeger – re-aquainting with Pete in performance last April, only months before he died- and the world of colour that surrounds the making of those highly rated songs.

As usual this innovative musician continues to find new ways to do things.  On Monday May 25th he will broadcast his fourth Webcast from the apartment where he lives on First Avenue in Manhattan.  This is a live performance on the internet and you can pay whatever you like from one dollar up for tickets.  While he is performing you can write to him live, or to each other.  Ideal for sharing a performance with a friend or lover who is elsewhere.  If you like what you hear you can even tip.  If you go to the site now they will remind you the day of the show, or you can buy your ticket now and they will remind you.  This is a great way to check out an artist you are curious about for as little as one dollar, of course more is recommended to support original music.  Just go to concertwindow.com and login, it’s very easy.

Pierce Turner’s short summer blast.

The Granary Cork Sat June 28th – 8pm