Peter Pan & The Never-Ever Land

UCC Dramat presents an adaptation of Peter Pan and his Never Never Land, Peter bold as brass leads Wendy good as gold, accompanied by her too little brothers into the dreamscape of Never Land, between asleep and awake they have a series of adventures along side the most curious boy anyone has ever met. Come and find out if you believe in Fairies and if you can remember the Never Lands of your dreams and of your play, all you have to do is take the second to the right and straight on till morning!


J.M. Barrie, a Scotsman and a genius story teller with the ability to captivate the imagination, especially his own. He was always inspired by the children around him and they in turn were inspired by them. He had a great heart, and cared deeply for the characters he presents to us in Peter Pan, because they are inspired by the characters he knew in his own life time.


…after the first production I had to add something to the play at the request of parents (who thus showed that they thought me the responsible person) about no one being able to fly until the fairy dust had been blown on him; so many children having gone home and tried it from their beds and needed surgical attention. – J.M. Barrie


Enjoy this new stage version of this classic!