Original Writing Festival

Four New Plays by four new writers for the stage.

The Empty

A story of good and evil, whatever that means.

Written and Directed by Elaine Malone


Two Girls, One Oven

April and May’s unhealthy love for a boy and bewildering fascination for baked goods leave them in strange and unforeseen circumstances

Written by Jo Dennehy

Directed by Christina Woods and Alice Keane


The Good Pro

This is a melodramatic lament to a bygone era of professionalism in sport.

Written by Taghd Dennehy

Directed by Adian Moriarty



Daniel is a man set apart from the social aspirations of his peers, but forever bound to those same aspirations by his desperate aspirations to please his ex. She and her new beau,poke and prod at his psyche, while he is rebuilt as an individual. 

Daniel is a struggling poet, whose day-to-day is tainted by his own lack of success. He lives in an awful dump of a house, near the tracks, a grey and dull life. Perpetually smoking himself into listlessness, it isn’t long before he realizes why he can’t achieve: he is still not over his ex. A problem we’ve all faced, but now you get to watch it happen to somebody else!




Written and Directed by Behrooz Corcoran