On the 71st Day

A Postgraduate Sharing


On the 71st Day

A Postgraduate Sharing

Five short works showcasing various methods and approaches to theatre practice as research- Areas such Dance, Puppetry, Mentalism, Traumatic Memory and Witchcraft are explored.

Exciting and Varied, this showcase is not to be missed!  Admission FREE, booking required.


Singin’, Suitcase, and Swans – Three works in progress – Leslie Burton

Leslie Burton is a 2nd Year PhD candidate with a particular interest in material theatre practices. Her thesis focuses on ideas of secular re-enchantment of the world across a variety of contexts and media. This series of explorations represent sips of research from her material theatre investigations. This research is supported by the Irish Research Council.


Mental Wi-Fi: Post Cartesian Telepathy – Edward James Dean

In this talk, Eddie Dean explores the origins and evolution of ideas of telepathy. He will also examine the ramifications of contemporary neuroscientific discoveries on the notion of mind reading.  This talk will be concluded with a brief demonstration of a contemporary approach to telepathic communication.

Edward James Dean AA, BA, MPA, MFA is currently conducting PhD research on the role of the body in the performance of mentalism.  He has headlined for the National Circus Festival of Ireland, lectured at Cork’s Lifelong Learning Festival, and performs worldwide as a mentalist and physical comedian. He has an MFA in Physical Theatre from the Accademia dell’Arte, is certified in EBAS (elemental body alignment system) and performs as one half of The Deans, specializing in contemporary approaches to telepathy.

Nine Twigs – Margot Fox

Margot Fox is conducting a practice-based Masters by Research for UCC’s Drama and Theatre Studies Department. She is exploring the historical and contemporary intersections between the witches and the body as they relate to visceral performance practice.

Maggie recently performed in Inma Pavon’s 5.5.5 5 Chances at the Firkin Crane, at the National Circus Festival of Ireland, and performs as one half of The Deans, specializing in contemporary approaches to telepathy. Her piece in this evening’s sharing represents the exploratory work undertaken in tandem with her written thesis.

Fragmented – Laura Pauwels

Through performance, Laura Pauwels explores the notion of traumatic memory. Based on her research on sex trafficking, prostitution and the neurobiological mechanisms that operate to help victims survive, this piece addresses the complexities of trauma.

Laura Pauwels is currently doing her masters in Drama and Theatre and Human Rights Activism at UCC, focusing on the issue of sex trafficking.


Estoy Aqui: – Leanne Foxwell

In 2010, UNESCO declared flamenco one of the Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Leanne Foxwell is conducting a Research Masters within the Drama and Theatre Studies department, examining the relationship between the flamenco dancer and the compás (the 12-beat rhythmical structure of many flamenco styles). Having been fascinated with flamenco since beginning dance classes in 2006 Leanne was struck by the power and presence of the dancer. When the bailaora dances the complex rhythms of flamenco within the compás, does she exist in a truly independent and present moment or is every step intertwined like the hands of an analogue clock? By conducting research practice alongside theoretical research Leanne aims to discover the intangible strength and empowerment possessed by the solo flamenco dancer.


Chance – Inma Pavon 

Inma Pavon is a dance and movement lecturer in Drama and Theatre Studies, UCC. Born in Spain, she trained in Ballet and Contemporary Dance, earning a BA in Physical Education. She pursued her passion for Contemporary Dance in Ireland, and in 1999 she studied the Dance course at CSN. Later, Inma received a First Class Honour in the MA in Contemporary Dance Performance from the University of Limerick in 2003.