No Escape From Reality

Devised and Performed by Drama and Theatre Studies 2nd Year Students

Startling new work by second year DTS students investigating the world we all inhabit. At times challenging, funny and moving this piece of new writing examines themes of mental health, time and social justice.

Wrought from the world of struggle and strive the fragile yet resilient human dances towards freedom.

Will there be an escape from reality? What would that look like?

This piece moves us towards a visceral understanding of the skirmish of being alive in this age of crumbling systems and on-going crisis.  The uncertainty of the world is met with a playful imagination and singing heart –anything is possible here. How might we re-imagine mental health, social issues and even our experience of time and its pressures to find new ways to move and make new worlds possible?


The 2nd year group of Drama and Theatre studies have been devising this piece of theatre since the beginning of term. They have been working together for the past year and have formed a strong ensemble amongst the group that will be sure to produce powerful theatre.


Preview: Tuesday 8 November – pay what you can.

All other performances – €9/7


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