Mary and Me

written and performed by Irene Kelleher

directed by Belinda Wild

‘Mary and Me’ is a 70 minute one-woman show, which, though set in the early 1980s, is still very relevant today. The play is inspired by the true story of Ann Lovett, a 15 year old girl who died giving birth at a grotto in Ireland in 1984. The play follows the life of Hannah, a young woman in the months before she gives birth, the every day happenings in her life; her maths tests, art projects and relationships with boys and family. She shares these events with the statue of Mary and in the company of Mary Magdalene in the local village grotto. The play then is an imagining of a young woman’s search for understanding in conversation with a statue of the virgin Mary. It is an original and unique imagining of the girl at the centre of a tragic event that shocked the nation.


€15 / 10