Granary is delighted to announce the second in UCC Dramat’s full length performances of this term.

Marcus as a young man has visions of grandeur and wants to change the world. His website PARTY allows people to offer solutions to world problems among other ideas. PARTY goes on to influence every country in the world with Marcus as the dictator running the site. Marcus is written as a documentary split into 6 scenes with a narrator discussing Marcus and PARTY throughout.

We are introduced to some of Marcus’s dedicated fans, his mother, an officer who interrogates him as well as that we see recreations of two short stories he wrote. Finally outside of the documentary we hear his final lost recording. All characters offer their opinions on who Marcus is and who they are. As well we get a look at the world he created in contrast to our own world and we discover Marcus’s motivation for his actions.

The play is set up like a documentary about a fictional character named Marcus. The play looks at ideas of modernity, fame, identity and immortality.

Eoghan McConville is a Second Year student of Sociology and History in UCC. He has acted with Dramat and Graffiti Youth Theatre. He has also written and directed The Hypnotist for the Dramat 4 Play Festival in 2011. Eoghan is delighted to finally direct Marcus with Dramat.