Look Back In Anger

‘Angry young man’ Jimmy Porter lives with his wife Alison and friend Cliff in their one room apartment in an industrial town.  They spend their Sundays reading the papers and ironing. Jimmy torments Alison with her upper-class background and Cliff with his working class ignorance. The Porter’s relationship is crumbling while Cliff tries to keep everything on an even keel. Things get a whole lot worse with the arrival of Alison’s best friend, Helena Charles, who advises her to leave this volatile relationship. This results in a test of everyone’s loyalty.

written by John Osborne

directed by Rowan Finken


Jimmy Porter – Niall Morrissey

Alison Porter – Josephine Dennehy

Cliff Lewis – Aidan Moriarty

Helena Charles – Leah McNamara

Colonel Redfern – Rory Finn