Know One’s Fool

for one performance only,

Jonathan Kay’s acclaimed one man show


What happens at a Jonathan Kay show?

The the most magical and delightful way! Jonathan Kay brings an evening of improvisation, fooling and spectacular performance. A show absolutely like no other you will ever see. Only a Fool could conjure up so rich and absurd a world from thin air.

Jonathan can carry off just about anything in the moment with the audience of the moment. Strictly not a play, but you may find yourself in a play. Improvisation at its most confounding, poignant and humorous where all notion of audience and performer gets tipped upon it’s head and an improvised conversation between you and The Fool leads to a journey through both the mundane and the sublime.

“In his entirely improvised one-man shows, he leaves his audiences dizzy.”

– The Independent

For a generation brought up on passive pastimes and TV dinners, his performances and work can be mind-blowing stuff.  If you have never seen a Jonathan Kay show before, it is an open door to the imagination. Familiar and yet it is nothing like you have ever seen. Jonathan’s Fool brings a truly unique and personal experience. His show is interactive, playful, shocking, reality bending and often extremely funny.

From the sacred to the profane and back again..a journey into the heart of all it means to be human.. from the mundane minutiae of life to the archaic archetypal forces that hold us all in connection. Expect to laugh like you’ve never laughed before, cry, cringe and leave feeling utterly connected and glad to be alive.

“The ultimate theatre of possibility!”
– Time Out