by Jenny Minton & Steve Wald

“Say, is there beauty yet to find? And certainty? And quiet kind?”

Interlude is a unique and intriguing performance for one person at a time. Arrange a piece of vocal music by moving through circles of light inside the Granary Theatre. As you travel around the space, you will trigger the voices of some of the UK’s most extraordinary singers. Filling the room with music, layering harmonies and creating an intricate vocal composition, this is a playful and creative experience.

Featuring the voices of Jeremy Birchall, Helen Chadwick, Daniel Cunningham, Eugenia Georgieva, Hannah Howrie, Jonathan Peter Kenny, Sam Lee, Jenny Minton, Phil Minton, Melanie Pappenheim, Ellie Showering and Rebecca Thorn.

‘Interlude runs every 10 minutes from 12-5pm each day for one person at a time. To book your slot, please go here: