Hi-5: Dramat Short Play Festival

Five bite size pieces of theatre written by Dramat members ranging from tragedy to comedy.


The Exam: Hannah Carberry

Before the start of their Leaving Cert Exam two students discuss the importance the exams have on their lives.


Now We Are Free: Colin Healy

A story about a Mother who does everything she can in order to save her son from her abusive husband.


The Writer. (and his wife?): Leah Marshall

A struggling writer and his wife discuss the history of their relationship in order to find out if they have a future.


Living and Surviving: Aisling O’Mahony

A woman who seems to have everything reveals how she truly feels about life. While another women who appears to have nothing shows how she can achieve everything. They reveal this all through rap.


Flower Boy: Ty Power

A romantic comedy about two guys who meet in a flower shop and go on a date.


€9 / €7