Goose Chase

Goose Chase is a tale of boy-meets-girl told by a talking magpie. What if you discovered your life story had already been written for you? This is a story about stories, the stories we tell and the ones we live – the stories that are chosen for us and the stories we choose for ourselves.

Typical and Lovely are a boy and a girl who meet when they’re 8 and a half years old. As they grow up, their lives intertwine – they don’t need anyone else, which is just as well, since there doesn’t seem to be anyone else around for them to talk to. They also begin to notice something strange – a talking magpie the size of a human man who seems to be following them. Things gradually become clear as their story unravels and Lovely has a choice to make.

Written and directed by Margaret Perry.  Margaret is a graduate of UCC’s Drama and Theatre Studies programme. She has previously written and directed the short play No Love Lost for UCC Dramat and co-wrote and co-directed a devised performance piece called When We Get There, which ran in the Granary Theatre in September 2013. This is her third writing and directing endeavor and she hopes to continue making new theatre in the future.