GSA: Adult Acting Courses



This course is a practical, enjoyable and confidence building introduction to the craft of acting and improvisation, held one evening per week over ten weeks. This is our most popular course and is overseen by experienced professionals who will establish a strong and supportive group dynamic from which the key aspects of the craft of acting are explored. This course is also useful for those who wish to expand their general communication skills. No previous acting experience is required, just a willingness to participate. Participants of Introduction to Drama can expect to: explore your own creativity in a safe yet exciting environment, develop friendships that can last a lifetime, experience a buzz and energy that you will carry into the rest of your week, you will have fun whilst learning along the way! Download the Full Brochure here.

Follow on courses: PAGE TO STAGE; MAKE A MOVIE

VENUE The Granary Theatre

TIMES 7pm – 9pm

TERM 1 Mondays 29 Sept – 8 Dec

TERM 2 Mondays 12 Jan – 16 Mar

TERM 3 Mondays 13 Apr – 22 June

COST 200

NOTE: Term 1 No classes on bank holiday Mon 27 Oct

Term 3 No classes on bank holiday Mon 4 May

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This 10 week course will expand on the skills and confidence developed in Introduction to Drama or a similar drama course. Participants receive an opportunity to employ the basics of drama through text – the next necessary step in drama training. Students will study script writing, text analysis and character development necessary to create effective performance. Participants of Page to Stage can expect to: have the opportunity to approach and work with text creatively, get training in how to approach text from a performance perspective, experience rehearsal, with all of the repetition, emotional and physical exploration this involves,  rehearse with a scene partner – an imperative performance training experience and evaluate the actor-director relationship, bring the scenes to performance level and then perform them for an invited audience.


VENUE The Granary Theatre

TIMES 7pm – 9pm

TERM 1 Tuesdays 30 Sept – 2 Dec

TERM 2 Tuesdays 13 Jan – 24 Mar

TERM 3 Thursdays 14 Apr – 16 June

COST 200

NOTE: Term 2, no classes on St. Patrick’s Day 17 March

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Participants come to this course with training in the basics of drama, text analysis and text performance. This course is designed to challenge the participants further by examining more demanding texts and has a more professional rehearsal room approach in the directing of these texts. Participants can gain an insight into the challenges a professional actor faces in rehearsals. Participants of Advanced Page to Stage can expect to: practice approaching text creatively with a more complex text thereby boosting their confidence and ability in text work, which is the cornerstone of acting training, have the opportunity to work in larger groups which again reflects the professional world of performance, develop their ability to take direction effectively, bring texts to performance level and showcase it for an invited audience.


VENUE The Granary Theatre

TIMES 7pm – 9pm

TERM 1 Wednesdays 1 Oct – 3 Dec

TERM 2 Wednesdays 14 Jan – 18 Mar

TERM 3 Wednesdays 1r Apr – 17 June

COST 200

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This 10 week Musical Theatre course is ideal for students with a strong interest in performance and musical theatre who would like to gain confidence in their vocal technique. Students will work on texts, bringing well known scenes and routines to performance level for a showcase at the end of the term. No previous experience is required – just an eagerness to learn!


VENUE The Granary Theatre

TIMES 7pm – 9pm

TERM 1 Fridays 3 Oct – 14 Nov

TERM 2 Fridays 30 Jan – 13 Mar

TERM 3 Fridays 8 May – 19 June

COST 200

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The Performance Theatre Company Cork provides a practical educational experience in the production of theatre in an ensemble company format. The Performance Theatre Company Cork is designed to nurture new performers and introduce the experience of producing ensemble theatre. The course educates students in a variety of theatre and performance styles.

Students will be involved in the onstage and backstage operation of producing a show and will experience the rewarding sensation of belonging to a close ensemble production company for the length of the course. Students will also contribute to fundraising, direction, design, sourcing of props, sets and costumes, marketing of each production and the devising of work where applicable.

This year, for the first time, company members willbe exposed to film acting as a module, therefore broadening the range of acting skills accumulated throughout their 3 terms. Students are expected to commit completely to the ensemble and to apply their skills and tenacity as performers.

To apply for this course follow the application procedure here.

VENUE The Granary Theatre

DURATION 1 year (over 3 x 10 week terms); 2 Oct – 18 June

DAY Thursdays

TIME 7.30pm – 9.30pm

FEES 495 (for all 3 terms)

Auditions take place in early September.

Registration: 25 Sept 7-9pm




This intensive weekend workshop introduces students to the practicalities of making their own work for theatre, be it script, sound or movement based. Students will work on their own and in groups. Students will be provided with a list of materials to bring with them to the workshop and a list of theatre practitioners to research prior to the workshop. Past graduates of the school who have gone on to write or produce their work include Stefanie Preissner, Genevieve Hulme-Beaman, David Fennelly, Keith James Walker, Ramblinman Theatre Company, The Cup Theatre Company and Rocket Octopus Theatre Company.

Participants of the Manifesto Workshop will expect to learn:

– how to communicate about the world in which you live

– how to say what you have to say in a theatrical setting

– how to engage the audience with your ideas

– how to effect change in your audience whilst entertaining them at the same time

Course Tutor, John Delaney is an actor, director and tutor. He trained at the Gaiety School of Acting and has taught with the school for many years. He has been involved in the design, development and implementation of many courses at the Gaiety School of Acting and has worked on outreach programmes with businesses, communities and schools. 

VENUE The Granary Theatre

TIMES 10am – 4pm

DATES Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 Mar

COST €160

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In this day-long course you will work with our voice coach to gain a better understanding of how your voice works, how to breathe, ground yourself and gain the confidence to use your voice effectively. You will also be given a voice workout which, practiced diligently, will significantly improve your speaking voice.

Participants of the Voice Workshop can expect to:

– learn how to use your breath to support your voice

– give yourself more time and choices with which to speak

– communicate ideas and text with more expression and with greater clarity

– identify structures within texts to help you to eradicate vagueness in your delivery.

VENUE The Granary

TIMES 10am – 4pm

DATES Sunday 14th Dec

COST €80



This intensive day long workshop will guide participants through the challenging craft of stage combat, covering important safety skills for use in stage and screen. This is a practical course, with students first observing and then participating in the techniques and exercises guided by instructor, Ciaran O’Grady.

Participants of the Stage Combat workshop can expect to:

– learn the basic skills of unarmed combat
– learn the basic skills of rapier and dagger combat understand the mechanics of a fight scene
– learn important safety factors necessary for fight scenes

– learn how to build dramatic tension with use of fight scenes

VENUE The Granary

TIMES 10am – 4pm

DATES Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 Jan

COST €160

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In this unique intensive one-day workshop, participants will be given an insight into the expectations of a casting director. Learn the tricks of the trade and how you can significantly increase your chances of making a lasting impression. Led by one of Ireland’s leading casting directors, you will leave the day with a better understanding of what is needed to help land that role!

Participants of the Casting & Audition Workshop can expect to learn:

– how to make an immediate impression and look confident

– how to introduce yourself to camera and the directorpractical advice for auditioning to camera script preparation
– basic improvisation skills
– how to stay in character in the audition process
– how to take direction
– what NOT to say in an audition demonstrations of a good and bad audition

Class tutor: Louise Kiely see her website

VENUE The Granary

TIMES  10am – 4pm

DATES Saturday 13 Dec


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