Foregrounds 2015

FOREGROUNDS 2015 showcases the theatre-making talents of final year single honours students in Drama & Theatre Studies at UCC.
A performance in two acts, FOREGROUNDS 2015 presents 21st Century adaptations of renowned short stories ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and ‘The Sandman’ by E.T.A. Hoffman.

Each piece was selected for adaptation based on the relevance of its timeless thematic quality and of how such themes are mirrored in contemporary Irish culture and society today.
FOREGROUNDS 2015 seeks to interrogate issues of identity, sexual liberty and gender equality.

Act 1 : The Yellow Wallpaper
A woman confined to bed, her new-born infant cries in the other room – she questions her very existence, her self-worth. She struggles to remember who she was before she became a mother and what future, if any, lies in store for her now.

Act 2: The Sandman
A scrap metal enclosure. Discarded, disavowed, disillusioned – an automaton trio reflect on their respective existences. They wonder how and why love invaded their circuitry- a seemingly defiant and deadly deficit in the architect’s design. The Sandman will destroy that which he conceived if he deems it no longer fit for purpose. Should they surrender to their increasing humanity or bid a hasty retreat to the cold mechanical world for which they were first created…?

And over in the DRAMA LAB the Joint Honours DTS Students are presenting a new devised piece entitled ‘Call Time’ directed by Ger Fitzgibbon.  See Facebook link here:

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