Foregrounds 2014

Drama and Theatre Studies Third Years are hard at work creating and recreating their Final Year Productions(FYP’s) this week. The Granary is an almost constant hive of activity with creativity crashing into reality followed quickly by a wave of ingenuity culminating in some really refreshing, challenging pieces of new theatre.


Entitled Foregrounds incorporating a series of short performance pieces, The Weight of the World, The Community, The Rumour Mill and Imelton, based on and responding to stories by Brothers Grimm, Guy de Maupassant, and Shirley Jackson. This work is independently adapted, directed, designed and performed by the final year students under the supervision of Drama Lecturer, Dr. Bernadette Cronin, and Head of Drama, Dr. Aleksandar Dundjerovic.

Foregrounds runs in the Granary Theatre from March 11th to 15th and the performance’s normally sell out. Contact the Granary box office on 021 490 4275 to reserve tickets.


Forgrounds will then transfer to the Peacock Theatre, Dublin for a performance on Fri 21st March.



The Weight Of The World

“Two households, both alike in dignity in fair Verona, where we lay our scene…” Yeah, something like that. “Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away…” Yeah, something like that. “There once was a man from Nantucket…”No, Nothing like that.

So here’s the plan: Four parts. Three potentials. Two debaters. One world. One deadline. One to be accountable to. Maybe two. Maybe three. Maybe more. One void. One balancing act. One game of Jenga. One society. Which society? A shared humanity. Countless choices. No preferable outcomes. Some compromise. A couple of moves (nothing ninja-like). An increasing invasion. A decreasing motivation. A business venture. A project. A reason to exist. A reason to cease existence. A peaceful solution. A logical conclusion. Compassion. Logic. The heart. The head. Try to be reasonable. Try to care. Now try doing both at the same time.



The Community

Darren O’Dea, Norma Howard, Aidan Moriarty, Anna Fenn, Hanan Sheedy, Emma Otten, Daithi O Donnell & Andrew Weston.

Based on Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery, The Community tells the story of a town that live in ‘perfect’ harmony. To maintain this perfection, the town must adhere to a mysterious code that keeps everything in order. This piece gives a fragmented view of the society through various windows such as politics, education and television media. The tale itself is very much an examination of conformity and how it functions within society. By adapting the piece, we focused mainly on questioning conformity and its advantages and disadvantages for communities. The story itself has been referred to as a ‘chilling tale of conformity gone mad’. Through the use of shadow theatre and various other story-telling devices we have attempted to construct a new society that has its own individual mad conformity and how it affects the town’s residents.



The Rumour Mill

Josephine Dennehy, Sinéad Devoy, Brett McCoy-D’arcy, Saorlait Moore-Foley and Carine Natin.

This case is full o’ shady characters. The Rumours Had Gotta Be True!

Guy the P.I, the second best investigator in Cork City in 1941, is helping this broad, Femme Fatale, get to the bottom of the underground business goin’ on down at “Ye Ol’ Corset Mill”, the popular corset factory down on the docks. Big Mom’s the pencil sharpened ploozy who owns the joint and everybody in town knows she’s up to somethin’, they just ain’t got no proof. Guy de Maupassant wrote a short story, back in the day, see, called “The Mother of Monsters”, which mighta been where this rumour mill first got its legs; who knows?





Ali Coady, Lochlainn McKenna, Colin Hogan, Laura Gallen.

Imelton is adapted from the Brothers Grimm fairytale The Bremen Town Musicians. In a world not terribly unlike our own, four souls come searching for a new start and the peace of utopian living. They are promised freedom to practice their art and industry in Imelton, the world’s first functioning utopian community. But are they worthy of paradise? What personal price are they willing to pay to achieve a life that society might prescribe as “perfect”? Imelton strives to explore how we define ourselves as citizens and artists in a world that is very much imperfect. Ali Coady, Lochlainn McKenna, Marissa Duricko and Colin Hogan are four wanting “artists” searching for a new beginning. Greeted by the effervescent Laura Gallen, they toil through a preplanned programme in an attempt to reach what they believe is a new “adventure”, “a home” and the opportunity to “start again.”



Production Manager: Aoife Cahill

Stage Manager & Chief LX: Laura Murphy

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